Green, Quantized Federated Learning over Wireless Networks: An Energy-Efficient Design

  • 2023-01-24 18:22:34
  • Minsu Kim, Walid Saad, Mohammad Mozaffari, Merouane Debbah
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In this paper, a green-quantized FL framework, which represents data with afinite precision level in both local training and uplink transmission, isproposed. Here, the finite precision level is captured through the use ofquantized neural networks (QNNs) that quantize weights and activations infixed-precision format. In the considered FL model, each device trains its QNNand transmits a quantized training result to the base station. Energy modelsfor the local training and the transmission with quantization are rigorouslyderived. To minimize the energy consumption and the number of communicationrounds simultaneously, a multi-objective optimization problem is formulatedwith respect to the number of local iterations, the number of selected devices,and the precision levels for both local training and transmission whileensuring convergence under a target accuracy constraint. To solve this problem,the convergence rate of the proposed FL system is analytically derived withrespect to the system control variables. Then, the Pareto boundary of theproblem is characterized to provide efficient solutions using the normalboundary inspection method. Design insights on balancing the tradeoff betweenthe two objectives while achieving a target accuracy are drawn from using theNash bargaining solution and analyzing the derived convergence rate. Simulationresults show that the proposed FL framework can reduce energy consumption untilconvergence by up to 70\% compared to a baseline FL algorithm that representsdata with full precision without damaging the convergence rate.


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