Evaluating the Perceived Safety of Urban City via Maximum Entropy Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning

  • 2022-11-19 11:01:08
  • Yaxuan Wang, Zhixin Zeng, Qijun Zhao
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Inspired by expert evaluation policy for urban perception, we proposed anovel inverse reinforcement learning (IRL) based framework for predicting urbansafety and recovering the corresponding reward function. We also presented ascalable state representation method to model the prediction problem as aMarkov decision process (MDP) and use reinforcement learning (RL) to solve theproblem. Additionally, we built a dataset called SmallCity based on thecrowdsourcing method to conduct the research. As far as we know, this is thefirst time the IRL approach has been introduced to the urban safety perceptionand planning field to help experts quantitatively analyze perceptual features.Our results showed that IRL has promising prospects in this field. We willlater open-source the crowdsourcing data collection site and the model proposedin this paper.


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