Deanthropomorphising NLP: Can a Language Model Be Conscious?

  • 2022-11-21 14:18:25
  • Matthew Shardlow, Piotr PrzybyƂa
  • 6


This work is intended as a voice in the discussion over the recent claimsthat LaMDA, a pretrained language model based on the Transformer modelarchitecture, is sentient. This claim, if confirmed, would have seriousramifications in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) community due towide-spread use of similar models. However, here we take the position that sucha language model cannot be sentient, or conscious, and that LaMDA in particularexhibits no advances over other similar models that would qualify it. Wejustify this by analysing the Transformer architecture through IntegratedInformation Theory. We see the claims of consciousness as part of a widertendency to use anthropomorphic language in NLP reporting. Regardless of theveracity of the claims, we consider this an opportune moment to take stock ofprogress in language modelling and consider the ethical implications of thetask. In order to make this work helpful for readers outside the NLP community,we also present the necessary background in language modelling.


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