Social-Inverse: Inverse Decision-making of Social Contagion Management with Task Migrations

  • 2022-09-21 17:50:57
  • Guangmo Tong
  • 0


Considering two decision-making tasks $A$ and $B$, each of which wishes tocompute an effective \textit{decision} $Y$ for a given \textit{query} $X$, {canwe solve task $B$ by using query-decision pairs $(X, Y)$ of $A$ without knowingthe latent decision-making model?} Such problems, called \textit{inversedecision-making with task migrations}, are of interest in that the complex andstochastic nature of real-world applications often prevents the agent fromcompletely knowing the underlying system. In this paper, we introduce such anew problem with formal formulations and present a generic framework foraddressing decision-making tasks in social contagion management. On the theoryside, we present a generalization analysis for justifying the learningperformance of our framework. In empirical studies, we perform a sanity checkand compare the presented method with other possible learning-based andgraph-based methods. We have acquired promising experimental results,confirming for the first time that it is possible to solve one decision-makingtask by using the solutions associated with another one.


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