ASL-Skeleton3D and ASL-Phono: Two Novel Datasets for the American Sign Language

  • 2022-01-06 14:10:03
  • Cleison Correia de Amorim, Cleber Zanchettin
  • 4


Sign language is an essential resource enabling access to communication andproper socioemotional development for individuals suffering from disablinghearing loss. As this population is expected to reach 700 million by 2050, theimportance of the language becomes even more essential as it plays a criticalrole to ensure the inclusion of such individuals in society. The Sign LanguageRecognition field aims to bridge the gap between users and non-users of signlanguages. However, the scarcity in quantity and quality of datasets is one ofthe main challenges limiting the exploration of novel approaches that couldlead to significant advancements in this research area. Thus, this papercontributes by introducing two new datasets for the American Sign Language: thefirst is composed of the three-dimensional representation of the signers and,the second, by an unprecedented linguistics-based representation containing aset of phonological attributes of the signs.


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