Predicting Loss Risks for B2B Tendering Processes

  • 2021-09-14 16:49:01
  • Eelaaf Zahid, Yuya Jeremy Ong, Aly Megahed, Taiga Nakamura
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Sellers and executives who maintain a bidding pipeline of sales engagementswith multiple clients for many opportunities significantly benefit fromdata-driven insight into the health of each of their bids. There are manypredictive models that offer likelihood insights and win prediction modelingfor these opportunities. Currently, these win prediction models are in the formof binary classification and only make a prediction for the likelihood of a winor loss. The binary formulation is unable to offer any insight as to why aparticular deal might be predicted as a loss. This paper offers a multi-classclassification model to predict win probability, with the three loss classesoffering specific reasons as to why a loss is predicted, including no bid,customer did not pursue, and lost to competition. These classes offer anindicator of how that opportunity might be handled given the nature of theprediction. Besides offering baseline results on the multi-classclassification, this paper also offers results on the model after classimbalance handling, with the results achieving a high accuracy of 85% and anaverage AUC score of 0.94.


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