Interpretable and Interactive Summaries ofActionable Recourses

  • 2020-09-15 15:14:08
  • Kaivalya Rawal, Himabindu Lakkaraju
  • 1


As predictive models are increasingly being deployed in high-stakesdecision-making, there has been a lot of interest in developing algorithmswhich can provide recourses to affected individuals. While developing suchtools is important, it is even more critical to analyse and interpret apredictive model, and vet it thoroughly to ensure that the recourses it offersare meaningful and non-discriminatory before it is deployed in the real world.To this end, we propose a novel model agnostic framework called ActionableRecourse Summaries (AReS) to construct global counterfactual explanations whichprovide an interpretable and accurate summary of recourses for the entirepopulation. We formulate a novel objective which simultaneously optimizes forcorrectness of the recourses and interpretability of the explanations, whileminimizing overall recourse costs across the entire population. Morespecifically, our objective enables us to learn, with optimality guarantees onrecourse correctness, a small number of compact rule sets each of which capturerecourses for well defined subpopulations within the data. Our framework isalso interactive i.e., it allows users to input specific features of interestwhich will in turn be used to characterize subpopulations when generatingrecourse summaries. We also demonstrate theoretically that several of the priorapproaches proposed to generate recourses for individuals are special cases ofour framework. Experimental evaluation with real world datasets and userstudies demonstrate that our framework can provide decision makers with acomprehensive overview of recourses corresponding to any black box model, andconsequently help detect undesirable model biases and discrimination.


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