The Grievance Dictionary: Understanding Threatening Language Use

  • 2020-09-10 12:06:48
  • Isabelle van der Vegt, Maximilian Mozes, Bennett Kleinberg, Paul Gill
  • 24


This paper introduces the Grievance Dictionary, a psycholinguistic dictionarywhich can be used to automatically understand language use in the context ofgrievance-fuelled violence threat assessment. We describe the development thedictionary, which was informed by suggestions from experienced threatassessment practitioners. These suggestions and subsequent human andcomputational word list generation resulted in a dictionary of 20,502 wordsannotated by 2,318 participants. The dictionary was validated by applying it totexts written by violent and non-violent individuals, showing strong evidencefor a difference between populations in several dictionary categories. Furtherclassification tasks showed promising performance, but future improvements arestill needed. Finally, we provide instructions and suggestions for the use ofthe Grievance Dictionary by security professionals and (violence) researchers.


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