Survey on Publicly Available Sinhala Natural Language Processing Tools and Research

  • 2019-06-05 23:36:06
  • Nisansa de Silva
  • 3


Sinhala is the native language of the Sinhalese people who make up thelargest ethnic group of Sri Lanka. The language belongs to the globe-spanninglanguage tree, Indo-European. However, due to poverty in both linguistic andeconomic capital, Sinhala, in the perspective of Natural Language processingtools and research, remains a resource-poor language which has neither theeconomic drive its cousin English has nor the sheer push of the law of numbersa language such as Chinese has. A number of research groups from Sri Lanka havenoticed this lack and the dire need for proper tools and research for Sinhalanatural language processing. However, due to various reasons, these attemptsseem to lack coordination and awareness of each other. The objective of thispaper is to fill that gap of a comprehensive literature survey of the publiclyavailable Sinhala natural language tools and research so that the researchersworking in this field can better utilize contributions of their peers. As such,we shall be uploading this paper to arXiv and perpetually update itperiodically to reflect the advances made on the topic.


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