Self-Adapting Goals Allow Transfer of Predictive Models to New Tasks

  • 2019-04-04 09:52:18
  • Kai Olav Ellefsen, Jim Torresen
  • 6


A long-standing challenge in Reinforcement Learning is enabling agents tolearn a model of their environment which can be transferred to solve otherproblems in a world with the same underlying rules. One reason this isdifficult is the challenge of learning accurate models of an environment. Ifsuch a model is inaccurate, the agent's plans and actions will likely besub-optimal, and likely lead to the wrong outcomes. Recent progress inmodel-based reinforcement learning has improved the ability for agents to learnand use predictive models. In this paper, we extend a recent deep learningarchitecture which learns a predictive model of the environment that aims topredict only the value of a few key measurements, which are be indicative of anagent's performance. Predicting only a few measurements rather than the entirefuture state of an environment makes it more feasible to learn a valuablepredictive model. We extend this predictive model with a small, evolving neuralnetwork that suggests the best goals to pursue in the current state. Wedemonstrate that this allows the predictive model to transfer to new scenarioswhere goals are different, and that the adaptive goals can even adjust agentbehavior on-line, changing its strategy to fit the current context.


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