Subword-Level Language Identification for Intra-Word Code-Switching

  • 2019-04-03 13:08:12
  • Manuel Mager, Özlem Çetinoğlu, Katharina Kann
  • 5


Language identification for code-switching (CS), the phenomenon ofalternating between two or more languages in conversations, has traditionallybeen approached under the assumption of a single language per token. However,if at least one language is morphologically rich, a large number of words canbe composed of morphemes from more than one language (intra-word CS). In thispaper, we extend the language identification task to the subword-level, suchthat it includes splitting mixed words while tagging each part with a languageID. We further propose a model for this task, which is based on a segmentalrecurrent neural network. In experiments on a new Spanish--Wixarika dataset andon an adapted German--Turkish dataset, our proposed model performs slightlybetter than or roughly on par with our best baseline, respectively. Consideringonly mixed words, however, it strongly outperforms all baselines.


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