Lane Change Decision-making through Deep Reinforcement Learning with Rule-based Constraints

  • 2019-04-02 01:26:22
  • Junjie Wang, Qichao Zhang, Dongbin Zhao, Yaran Chen
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Autonomous driving decision-making is a great challenge due to the complexityand uncertainty of the traffic environment. Combined with the rule-basedconstraints, a Deep Q-Network (DQN) based method is applied for autonomousdriving lane change decision-making task in this study. Through the combinationof high-level lateral decision-making and low-level rule-based trajectorymodification, a safe and efficient lane change behavior can be achieved. Withthe setting of our state representation and reward function, the trained agentis able to take appropriate actions in a real-world-like simulator. Thegenerated policy is evaluated on the simulator for 10 times, and the resultsdemonstrate that the proposed rule-based DQN method outperforms the rule-basedapproach and the DQN method.


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