Commonsense Reasoning for Natural Language Understanding: A Survey of Benchmarks, Resources, and Approaches

  • 2019-04-02 02:09:01
  • Shane Storks, Qiaozi Gao, Joyce Y. Chai
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Commonsense knowledge and commonsense reasoning are some of the mainbottlenecks in machine intelligence. In the NLP community, many benchmarkdatasets and tasks have been created to address commonsense reasoning forlanguage understanding. These tasks are designed to assess machines' ability toacquire and learn commonsense knowledge in order to reason and understandnatural language text. As these tasks become instrumental and a driving forcefor commonsense research, this paper aims to provide an overview of existingtasks and benchmarks, knowledge resources, and learning and inferenceapproaches toward commonsense reasoning for natural language understanding.Through this, our goal is to support a better understanding of the state of theart, its limitations, and future challenges.


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