Humor in Word Embeddings: Cockamamie Gobbledegook for Nincompoops

  • 2019-02-08 14:36:43
  • Limor Gultchin, Genevieve Patterson, Nancy Baym, Nathaniel Swinger, Adam Tauman Kalai
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We study humor in Word Embeddings, a popular AI tool that associates eachword with a Euclidean vector. We find that: (a) the word vectors capturemultiple aspects of humor discussed in theories of humor; and (b) eachindividual's sense of humor can be represented by a vector, and that thesesense-of-humor vectors accurately predict differences in people's sense ofhumor on new, unrated, words. The fact that single-word humor seems to berelatively easy for AI has implications for the study of humor in language.Humor ratings are taken from the work of Englethaler and Hills (2017) as wellas our own crowdsourcing study of 120,000 words.


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Conclusion (beta)