CHIP: Channel-wise Disentangled Interpretation of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

  • 2019-02-07 07:17:03
  • Xinrui Cui, Dan Wang, Z. Jane Wang
  • 30


With the widespread applications of deep convolutional neural networks(DCNNs), it becomes increasingly important for DCNNs not only to make accuratepredictions but also to explain how they make their decisions. In this work, wepropose a CHannel-wise disentangled InterPretation (CHIP) model to give thevisual interpretation to the predictions of DCNNs. The proposed model distillsthe class-discriminative importance of channels in networks by utilizing thesparse regularization. Here, we first introduce the network perturbationtechnique to learn the model. The proposed model is capable to not only distillthe global perspective knowledge from networks but also present theclass-discriminative visual interpretation for specific predictions ofnetworks. It is noteworthy that the proposed model is able to interpretdifferent layers of networks without re-training. By combining the distilledinterpretation knowledge in different layers, we further propose the RefinedCHIP visual interpretation that is both high-resolution andclass-discriminative. Experimental results on the standard dataset demonstratethat the proposed model provides promising visual interpretation for thepredictions of networks in image classification task compared with existingvisual interpretation methods. Besides, the proposed method outperforms relatedapproaches in the application of ILSVRC 2015 weakly-supervised localizationtask.


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