Unsupervised Polyglot Text To Speech

  • 2019-02-06 16:28:26
  • Eliya Nachmani, Lior Wolf
  • 14


We present a TTS neural network that is able to produce speech in multiplelanguages. The proposed network is able to transfer a voice, which waspresented as a sample in a source language, into one of several targetlanguages. Training is done without using matching or parallel data, i.e.,without samples of the same speaker in multiple languages, making the methodmuch more applicable. The conversion is based on learning a polyglot networkthat has multiple per-language sub-networks and adding loss terms that preservethe speaker's identity in multiple languages. We evaluate the proposed polyglotneural network for three languages with a total of more than 400 speakers anddemonstrate convincing conversion capabilities.


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