Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis and Clinical Analytics

  • 2019-02-02 09:30:26
  • Adil Rajput
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Recent advances in Big Data has prompted health care practitioners to utilizethe data available on social media to discern sentiment and emotionsexpression. Health Informatics and Clinical Analytics depend heavily oninformation gathered from diverse sources. Traditionally, a healthcarepractitioner will ask a patient to fill out a questionnaire that will form thebasis of diagnosing the medical condition. However, medical practitioners haveaccess to many sources of data including the patients writings on variousmedia. Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows researchers to gather such dataand analyze it to glean the underlying meaning of such writings. The field ofsentiment analysis (applied to many other domains) depend heavily on techniquesutilized by NLP. This work will look into various prevalent theories underlyingthe NLP field and how they can be leveraged to gather users sentiments onsocial media. Such sentiments can be culled over a period of time thusminimizing the errors introduced by data input and other stressors.Furthermore, we look at some applications of sentiment analysis and applicationof NLP to mental health. The reader will also learn about the NLTK toolkit thatimplements various NLP theories and how they can make the data scavengingprocess a lot easier.


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