Unsupervised Text Style Transfer using Language Models as Discriminators

  • 2019-01-29 21:52:49
  • Zichao Yang, Zhiting Hu, Chris Dyer, Eric P. Xing, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick
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Binary classifiers are often employed as discriminators in GAN-basedunsupervised style transfer systems to ensure that transferred sentences aresimilar to sentences in the target domain. One difficulty with this approach isthat the error signal provided by the discriminator can be unstable and issometimes insufficient to train the generator to produce fluent language. Inthis paper, we propose a new technique that uses a target domain language modelas the discriminator, providing richer and more stable token-level feedbackduring the learning process. We train the generator to minimize the negativelog likelihood (NLL) of generated sentences, evaluated by the language model.By using a continuous approximation of discrete sampling under the generator,our model can be trained using back-propagation in an end- to-end fashion.Moreover, our empirical results show that when using a language model as astructured discriminator, it is possible to forgo adversarial steps duringtraining, making the process more stable. We compare our model with previouswork using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) as discriminators and show thatour approach leads to improved performance on three tasks: word substitutiondecipherment, sentiment modification, and related language translation.


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