A Regulation Enforcement Solution for Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

  • 2019-01-29 01:12:25
  • Fan-Yun Sun, Yen-Yu Chang, Yueh-Hua Wu, Shou-De Lin
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Human behaviors are regularized by a variety of norms or regulations, eitherto maintain orders or to enhance social welfare. If artificial intelligent (AI)agents make decisions on behalf of human beings, we would hope they can alsofollow established regulations while interacting with humans or other AIagents. However, it is possible that an AI agent can opt to disobey theregulations for self-interests. This paper attempts to design a mechanism thatdiscourages the agents from not obeying the global regulation setup for everyagent. We first introduce the problem Regulation Enforcement and formulate itusing reinforcement learning and game theory under the scenario where agentsmake decisions in complete isolation of other agents. The key idea is that,although we could not alter how defective agents choose to behave, we can,however, leverage the aggregated power of compliant agents to boycott thedefective ones. Based on the idea, we proposed a solution to the problem andconducted simulated experiments on two scenarios: Replenishing ResourceManagement Dilemma and Diminishing Reward Shaping Enforcement, using deepmulti-agent reinforcement learning algorithms. We further use empiricalgame-theoretic analysis to show that how the method alters the resultingempirical payoff matrices in a way that promotes compliance (making mutualcompliant a Nash Equilibrium).


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